Kearny Venture Partners is a healthcare investment firm exclusively focused on emerging healthcare products. We believe that the opportunity for entrepreneurs to devise innovative solutions in medicine has never been greater. Significant unmet needs in healthcare continue to persist, representing large potential market opportunities for safe and effective products. As the molecular basis of disease is increasingly unraveled, new opportunities for intervention emerge. Novel therapies can and will displace incumbent products. At Kearny Venture Partners, we help extraordinary companies transform medicine.

Kearny Venture Partners

One Maritime Plaza, Suite 1975
San Francisco, CA 94111

Main: (415) 875-7777
Fax: (415) 875-7770



Directions from the East Bay
I-80 W via San Francisco
Take the Fremont Street/Folsom Street exit, EXIT 2C
Take the Fremont Street ramp
Turn Left onto Fremont Street
Fremont Street becomes Front
Building on Clay and Front Street

Directions from the South Bay
US-101 North
Take Exit 9B on the Left toward San Francisco
Keep Right to take I-80 E toward Bay Bridge/Oakland
Take Fourth Street exit, Exit 2, toward Last San Francisco Exit
Turn Slight Left onto Bryant Street
Turn Left onto 2nd Street
Turn Right onto Folsom Street
Turn Left onto Fremont Street
Fremont Street becomes Front Street
Building on the Left side

Directions from the North Bay
US-101 South towards San Francisco
Turn Right onto Van Ness Ave/US-101
Turn Left onto Broadway Street
Broadway Street becomes Broadway Tunnel/Robert C Levy Tunnel
Broadway Tunnel/Robert C Levy Tunnel becomes Broadway Street
Turn Slight Right onto Columbus Ave
Turn Right onto Montgomery Street
Turn Left onto Clay Street
Building on the Left side


One Maritime Plaza
Golden Gateway Garage
250 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Embarcadero Center 1 & 2
Front Street between Sacramento & Clay
(validation with participating stores and restaurants)